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Innovation Engine logo

On 28, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In | By stuarthu_admin

Innovation Engine logo

Designed for Birmingham Aston Science Park.

Have you ever seen a rotary engine before? I think having a cog or several cogs is just so tacky and obvious – why does it always need to be cogs if its got something to do with thinking up ideas or engineering ideas?

At first I thought about the spirograph, the thing you used to have as a kid where you put your pen in a plastic cog (there’s your cog bit!)  and wound it around the inside of another cog until you made a pretty pattern – this then got me thinking about an advert I saw for Mazda a while ago where they show the rotary engine workings – it works in a very similar fashion to a spirograph.

So then I tried to put the two together and came up with the design along with soft colouring laid on top of each other. This shows a constant motion, layerings of ideas and colours and a constant process of thought and engineering. To go along with this theme the inside shape needed to maintain a softness to complement the exterior shape (essentially the same outer shape shrunk to the centre). If it were sharp edged it would be too obviously cog shaped and unfitting with the theme.

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